Magic of Music

Blogging. It is not something I ever imagined myself doing and yet, here I sit, typing. I cannot say if this will be something I will do regularly, but when something strikes me as noteworthy, or magical, or confusing, or amazing I do feel inclined to share my musings. So here I go.

Today I woke up fascinated by the "magic" of our connected world. Our uber-connection has its downside, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are many mid-twenty-somethings sitting at their 9 to 5 jobs, right now, regretting what they posted online as teens. But if you love music, there is no better time to be alive.

About a month ago, one of my co-workers mentioned that one of her favourite bands, Current Swell, would be playing in our hometown on November 10th and had I planned to attend? I had not even heard of them – Current Swell hails from Victoria, B.C. - but I love music and discovering new bands (well, bands new-to-me).

Had a similar conversation occurred prior to April 2003 (the inception of itunes) I would have googled the band, but found few results – probably an article or two - but no easy access to a band’s sound (videos online were scarce and youtube didn’t exist until 2005). I would have had to find my car keys (or subway pass, I was living in TO prior to 2003) put on my coat and head downtown to the record store, hoping my local store carried that band in question. Upon arrival at the store some 45 minutes later, my enthusiasm would be dashed when I was told that my local Southern Ontario record store does not carry Victoria-popular bands but they could order it for me. I would then place my order and be told to come back in a week. I would make my 45 minute trek back home, depleted. One week later, I would dutifully return to the record store with my $9.99, pick up the long-awaited disc, pop it into my Discman and finally get to listen to the recommended band.

In 2015 access to music has transformed. In a matter of minutes – 18 to be exact - I googled the band, watched a couple of their videos on – they had me at their self-deprecating video for Rollin’ - liked the sound, clicked on itunes, searched Current Swell, sorted by most popular songs, purchased the top 16, started listening while I burned a CD to play in my car during my daily commute, and fell in love with an amazing band!

The November 10th Current Swell show was amazing. Philip Sayce opened – another very talented Canadian-raised artist, previously unknown to me – and Current Swell rounded out a perfect evening of live music.

I marvel at the ease in which music can be shared / discovered / enjoyed across the continent. If you have not heard Current Swell, they are well worth the 18 minutes!